Fomex is a specialized manufacturer of metalized film for Film Capacitor. Located in the Central Taiwan Science Park, the plant is full-equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced web coating facility, and support by technology introduced from Japan and Germany to produce the metalizing (both Al and Al/Zn Alloy) for PET as thin as 1.5µm and BOPP 3.5µm. Currently, the productive capacity stands at 100 tons per month, with a projected threefold increase to 300 tons per month in the next 3 to 5 year.

The company has made a recent addition to its product range - the newly developed pattern film which is designed to protect the PCB circuit. It provides film capacitors with the excellent safety protection so essential to sophisticated PCB and electronic devices.

The Fomex team is also working on the super with MPP film for use in the Hybrid Car engine. The new product will be made available in 2005. With the prospect of the Hybrid Car as the next generation of car engine, it is expected that the 3.5µm MPP will become a leading item in the film capacitor industry. There are few makers in the world, and Fomex is proud to be one of the suppliers.

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