Aluminum metalized polyester film.
Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polyester film.
Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polyester film with heavy edge.
Aluminum metalized polypropylene film.
Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polypropylene film.
Aluminum-Zinc alloy metalized polypropylene film with heavy edge.
Circular Blade.
Single Phase Power Controller with PROFIBUS-DP interface.

  Material: Plastic
Width: Film Slit Width กำ0.2mm
Inner Diameter: 75mm +1.0mm/ -0.5mm
  For slit widths 4.0mm up: 155 +6/-15mm
For slit widths 10.0mm up: 180 +8/-18mm
For slit widths 25.0mm up: 240 +10/-20mm
  Film is wound on solid cores, with the metalized layer inside.
Rolls are wound up to the specific outer diameter.
The loose end of film is held in place by a closing sticker.
Rolls are always packed in pairs.
There is a plastic foam between the rolls to protect the electrode side.
  The piled rolls are packed in plastic bag and heat-sealed with desiccants after vacuum removal.
Labels inside the bags mark film type, thickness, width, free margin width and resistance.
  The bags are packed in carton cases.
The carton cases are packed in wooden cases or reinforced carton.
Fomex Film should be stored in its original packing until use. The temperature should be controlled to 5 - 35oC and humidity less than 85%RH.
On exposure to moisture, the thin metalized layer is likely to be easily oxidized. Therefore, after the packing is opened, the rolls should be used as soon as possible.
It is recommended that the opened rolls be stored in temperature conditions of 15 -25oC and humidity of less than 60%RH.
Fomex Film kept sealed in the original packing and stored as described above is guaranteed according to the following conditions :
Al metalized Film: 12 months from the delivered date.
Al/Zn Alloy metalized Film: As Zn is relatively unstable, preservation period depends on the resistance of the film:
  10 Ohms or less     6 months (from delivery date)
10 to15 Ohms          3 months (from delivery date)
15 Ohms                   1 months (from delivery date)